ARV Procurement Working Group

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APWG supports the ARV market in low- and middle-income countries through procurement, strategically managed demand and reduced fragmentation.‚Äč

Lopinavir/Ritonavir 40mg/10mg Pellets and Granules and 100/25 mg Tablets


Due to the increasing uptake of paediatric LPV/r formulations, the ARV Procurement Working Group (APWG) has developed the below dashboard to provide information on supply availability in the coming 18-months.

Recommendations for country programs:
•  Countries are strongly discouraged from stockpiling LPV/r oral pellets or oral granules and instead advised to

   plan for more frequent, staggered small deliveries of large orders;
•  Cipla and Mylan have invested in manufacturing capacity expansion to respond to the increased demand for         lopinavir/ritonavir 40 mg/10 mg formulations as recommended in the WHO Consolidated HIV Guidelines;

•  More info: